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July 7, 2016

6 Ways to Prevent AC Compressor Failure

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In our last blog, we discussed the vital role a compressor plays in the overall function of your AC system. We also mentioned how costly it can be to repair a compressor. Thankfully, up to 80% of compressor failures can be avoided with preventive maintenance.

This week, we’ll look at 6 preventable causes of AC compressor failure. With regular maintenance from your New Castle County AC repair company, these problems can be identified and corrected before they spell disaster for your system and your wallet.

  1. Dirty coils – A build-up of dust, grime and mineral scale on condenser coils keep the AC unit from expelling enough heat, causing your system to run constantly. The increased temperature and strain on your compressor can cause it to fail.
  2. Blocked or damaged refrigerant lines – If your system is leaking refrigerant, your compressor is forced to work harder to pump enough through the system to cool your home. If your system is no longer cooling your house as effectively, that’s a telltale symptom that your refrigerant lines are damaged. If left unfixed, blocked or damaged lines can overheat the system and cause compressor failure.
  3. Incorrect refrigerant line size – If the line is replaced with one that is too large or too small, it puts undue strain on your compressor that can lead to failure. Be sure to hire a trusted New Castle County AC repair technician to fix your refrigerant line.
  4. Too much refrigerant – It is possible to have too much of a good thing. Unqualified technicians can add too much refrigerant to your system, or even the wrong type of refrigerant. This can spell disaster for your compressor.
  5. Electrical problems – Faulty wiring and fuses can lead to electrical burnout that will ruin not just your compressor, but your whole system. Electrical problems are easily prevented by regular inspections. An experienced New Castle County AC technician will recognize and repair damaged wiring and fuses before they ruin your system.
  6. Inadequate lubricant – Just like your car, your AC system needs oil to keep everything running smoothly. If your lubricant levels are too low, a host of problems can arise, including compressor failure. As part of a regular check-up, technicians should check lubricant levels and the condition of the oil pump to prevent breakdowns.

Gold Star Offers Quality Preventative AC Maintenance in New Castle County

A well-maintained compressor and AC system will keep your home cool for many years. Gold Star knows the importance of regular system check-ups; that’s why we offer affordable maintenance agreements to keep your New Castle County HVAC system in good health. We also offer emergency service for unexpected breakdowns and free estimates for repairs and upgrades.

Call Gold Star today at 1-302-947-8694 and make sure your compressor is healthy.

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