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November 25, 2020

Can I Have an Allergy to Central Heating?

allergy to central heating

Our central heating and cooling systems cycle air throughout our living spaces. The condition of your filters, air ducts and central heating/cooling unit can determine your indoor air quality. It’s no surprise, then, when homeowners are left wondering whether they have an allergy to central heating.

As units turn on for the first time in the fall and winter, a build-up of dust, pollen and other pollutants can be swept through air ducts and into your home. This can cause a flare-up for allergy sufferers, especially during the first week of running your system.

How to Prevent Allergies Caused by Central Heating

In order to avoid an allergy flare-up, it’s wise to perform some basic annual maintenance before turning your system on for the first time of the season. Let’s look at few things you can do to improve indoor air quality and prevent allergies due to central heating:

  • Clean Air Ducts: A surprising amount of dust, pollen and other pollutants can accumulate in air ducts over time. In extreme cases, these accumulations can even cause airflow blockages, impeding the efficiency of your system. Having your air ducts cleaned regularly, especially before running your unit for the first time in the season, can greatly improve indoor air quality and decrease allergy symptoms.
  • Use permanent HEPA type filters: These filters are reusable and remove over 90% of pollutant particles. It’s important to clean them regularly, as dirty filters will impede proper airflow and make your unit less efficient. If you make use of disposable filters, check and replace these regularly.
  • Invest in a Humidifier: The air in our homes tends to dry out from heating, resulting in dry/irritated throats, noses and eyes. A humidifier can help keep your home at a comfortable humidity level (35% – 50% humidity).

Work with Gold Star Services!

One visit from a qualified HVAC technician prior to the cold season can ensure your unit is clean and ready to go right when you need it. Annual cleanings and inspections keep central heating systems running efficiently. It can also increase your unit’s longevity and help avoid costly repairs down the road by catching potential problems before they occur.

Gold Star Services offers trustworthy, reliable and professional help. Our services include heating, cooling and water heater repair, replacement and maintenance. Call 1-302-947-8694 to get started with Gold Star Services today!

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