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February 25, 2016

Do’s and Don’ts For Your Furnace Room


If you had to pick a room homeowners use the least, it would probably be the furnace room, right? Your furnace room is most likely hidden away in the basement, and the only time you visit it is to show the HVAC technician where it’s located.

Nonetheless, you might want to venture into your furnace room more often. Why? You should regularly ensure the state of your furnace room isn’t presenting flammability risks.

Gold Star is an HVAC company in Newark that focuses on quality and customer service, with skilled technicians trained in the latest equipment and software programs. Join us on this exploration of proper furnace-room upkeep!

  1. Give it Some Space – Since furnaces are powered by fuels like oil, gas or propane, they need proper ventilation. If your boiler room doubles as a storage space, don’t place items flush against the furnace. Make sure it has enough breathing room – and enough air moving throughout the space. This means having a door vent or leaving the door open so air can easily flow in and out.
  2. Clear a Path – While you’re moving storage items away from the furnace, make sure there aren’t still stacks of boxes blocking it. If there’s ever a problem, the heating technician will need easy access, which a wall of storage items doesn’t exactly provide.
  3. Avoid Certain Items – There are a few things that should stay far away from your furnace so they don’t damage it or start a fire. Here’s a list of things you should absolutely never store in the same space as your furnace:
  • Kitty litter – Litter has ammonia fumes that can corrode the furnace’s heater exchange.
  • Wet clothes – Don’t hang them from your furnace; they can cause a fire and will prevent proper airflow.
  • Combustibles – Some examples are gas or paint. Consider moving these things into the garage or better yet into an outdoor shed.

Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often homeowners neglect these details. Don’t forget about keeping your furnace room tidy so your heater can stay in the best condition possible.

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