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November 3, 2016

Why Is My Furnace Constantly Running?

As the cold weather sets in, we get accustomed to the hum of our heater running. But have you begun to notice that the hum isn’t stopping? If your furnace is constantly running, it may be a simple fix or a sign that your Delaware furnace needs repair. This week we will look at what may be causing your furnace to constantly run without reaching temperature.

Troubleshooting Your Furnace

Sometimes furnace problems have a very simple solution. Start by checking your thermostat settings:

  • Is the thermostat set to heat (vs. cool)?
  • Is it set to “on” instead of “auto”?
  • How does the programmed temperature compare with the actual temperature in your home?
  • Has someone turned the temperature up to high?

If you’ve ruled out the thermostat, the next question is whether your home’s temperature is lower or higher than your programmed temperature? If the temperature is lower, then your furnace is continuously running to try and reach the appropriate temperature. If your home’s temperature is higher, then your furnace is not getting the information that it’s temperature goal has been reached, or the controls that turn this part of your furnace off are broken.

My Furnace is Running, But My Home is Still Cold!

Make sure your requested temperature is reasonable. If you have your thermostat set to 90 degrees in the middle of a blizzard, your furnace won’t turn off because it is trying to reach an unrealistic temperature. Your furnace’s ability to heat your home is limited by it’s size, the location of your ducts, and your home’s insulation. Try setting your thermostat to a more moderate temperature (in winter, the recommended temperature is between 68-72 degrees) and see if your furnace shuts off. If it does, then you know your furnace simply wasn’t able to meet that demand.

Check your furnace filter. While air filters do help improve the air you breathe, they are not actually designed with you in mind – that is simply an extra benefit. Their main purpose is to prevent dirt and debris from getting into your furnace’s heat exchanger and other vital components. If your filter is clogged, the restricted air flow limits your furnace’s ability to effectively heat your home, forcing it to run longer. Try changing your furnace air filter and see if your furnace’s performance improves. If your filter was extremely dirty or hasn’t been changed in some time, considering calling your Delaware furnace repair technician to inspect your system and clean out any debris before it causes major problem.

Check your ductwork for leaks. One of the easiest problems to fix is leaking ductwork. It is not uncommon for ductwork to come loose over time or for seals to open up. If heat is escaping into your attic or basement, your furnace will keep running because it is heating those spaces rather than your home.  Your Delaware HVAC technician can seal, repair, and clean your ducts so they’re like new.

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