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October 23, 2020

Where is My Heat Pump Filter?

heat pump filter location

One of the most important parts of HVAC maintenance is changing filters regularly, but not everyone knows their heat pump filter location. In this post, the experts at Gold Star Services provide a quick guide.

How to Find Your Heat Pump Filter Location

There might be differences, depending on your system, but there are a few general guidelines to finding and replacing air filters in your heat pump.

Air filters are likely located in your heating system’s return register/s or in the heat pump’s air handler cabinet––or in both places. Return registers draw air into your system to be heated (or cooled) and are typically larger than those delivering air into your home. Larger homes may have more than one return register, and you’ll need to replace the air filter in each. Turn off your heating or cooling system, then locate the return register/s, unlatch the cover or grille and remove it.

How to Replace Your Heat Pump Filter

Step 1: Remove the old filter, which should be resting on a ledge in front of ductwork. As this filter contains dust and allergens, slip it into a trash bag and take it outside, or carefully clean the filter if it’s reusable.

Step 2: Use a damp rag or dust mop to clean the grille and surrounding area.

Step 3: Place the new filter in the register with airflow arrows pointing in, toward the ductwork, then replace the cover/grille and secure it.

To replace a filter in the air-handler cabinet, turn the unit off at the breaker, remove the door/panel from the blower cabinet and locate the filter next to or under the blower motor. The filter will typically slide out along a set of tracks. If it’s a reusable filter, cleaning instructions might be printed on the frame, otherwise, the filter’s size should be printed there. Replace the filter, ensuring in this case the airflow arrows face toward the blower, and away from ductwork. Next, replace the door to the cabinet and turn the unit back on.

Work with a Professional!

Performing basic maintenance at home is a great way to keep your system efficient, but it’s wise to schedule a system inspection and tune-up with a professional at least once a year. A qualified technician will clean your system and inspect it for loose or worn-down parts, catching potential problems before they occur.

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