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March 22, 2021

Is Your Heat Pump Making a Loud Buzzing Noise?

heat pump loud buzzing noise

Heat pumps provide a highly efficient way to heat your home. While some amount of operational noise is normal, new and strange noises can be concerning. In this post, the experts at Gold Star Services help troubleshoot a heat pump loud buzzing noise and explain common causes for this issue.

Indoor Handler

Noises that originate from your indoor air unit can indicate a range of problems. Loose or worn-out parts can cause a buzzing or vibrating noise, especially in an older unit, as can a refrigerant leak. Your indoor air handler makes use of belts, fans, valves, pistons and other parts, so finding the source of the noise can be tricky. Annual inspections and tune-ups by a professional HVAC technician can help prevent loose or worn parts from breaking, while scheduling a visit when you notice an issue can help save hours of troubleshooting.

Outdoor Unit

If the sound is coming from your outdoor unit, or compressor, it could also indicate loose or worn parts. A failing motor or fan can lead to buzzing or vibrating noises, while issues with a broken or misaligned belt can cause a squealing sound. It’s wise to call in a professional right away to prevent any further damage to your unit.

Air Ducts

Vibrating or buzzing noises coming from your air ducts could indicate points of contact with other parts, like support brackets, that need dampening or insulation. If you are unable to locate or dampen the source yourself, have a technician take a look. While this issue may only seem like a mild annoyance, noise pollution can have a negative impact on the mental health and concentration of those who occupy the space. In addition, constant vibration and contact can create unnecessary wear and tear on your air ducts and their support brackets.

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