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June 24, 2020

How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

how often should you change your air filter

Changing your HVAC system’s air filter is an important regular maintenance item that many homeowners tend to overlook for too long. If you’re ready to tackle this task, you may be wondering, “How often should you change your air filter?” At Gold Star Services, the answer is: “It depends.” We’re here to explain the different factors that determine how often to change your air filter.

Why Should You Change Your Air Filter?

Changing your air filter actually makes a big difference in your HVAC’s effectiveness and efficiency. Filters are designed to keep dust and debris from clogging up the system or being dispersed into your home’s air. Over time, this debris builds up on the filter, making it harder for air to pass through. That means your HVAC has to work harder, and the air quality in your home may deteriorate. Therefore, it’s very important to change your filters regularly.

How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

The frequency of filter changes depends on some individual factors. These include:

  • Number of people in the household
  • Size of the house
  • Number of pets
  • Outdoor air quality
  • Whether anyone has allergies, and what they are allergic to

If you live in a small apartment with no pets in an area with clean air, your filters will not clog up as often as someone who lives with a couple of dogs in a large house. In addition, you may be more or less sensitive to air quality depending on whether you have allergies.

As a general rule, we recommend changing your air filters at least once every season. If you have factors that put more strain on your HVAC system, you can change your filters as often as every 3 weeks, or as little as every 6 months with light usage. If you’re not sure, ask your HVAC technician during your seasonal maintenance appointment.

Need Help Changing Your Filters?

The answer to “How often should you change your air filter” can vary based on your household. At Gold Star Services, we get to know each client’s HVAC system and what it needs to function at its best. Contact us at 1-302-947-8694 today to ask any questions about how to maintain your system this season.

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