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July 29, 2020

How to Clean Reusable AC Filter

how to clean reusable ac filter

Home AC systems aren’t quite “set it and forget it” – they do require some regular maintenance to keep running efficiently and effectively. Fortunately, the most frequent maintenance item – changing or washing the filter – is easy for homeowners to do on their own. If your AC has a reusable filter, you may be wondering about the best way to clean it so that you can be sure it isn’t clogged with dirt and debris. This week, we’ll tell you how to clean reusable AC filter in a few simple steps.

How to Clean Reusable AC Filter

Cleaning your reusable filter is easy. Read your manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you can use these cleaning methods. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn off the AC unit. Otherwise, unfiltered air will circulate through your home while you are cleaning the filter.
  2. Open the unit and remove the filter. Some units will have multiple filters. If you aren’t sure, check your owner’s manual.
  3. Inspect the filter. Look for cracks, rips, holes, and excessive grime. If you see any of these, it’s time to replace the filter. If not, go ahead and clean it.
  4. Vacuum buildup from the surface of the filter with a hose attachment or handheld vacuum.
  5. For a deeper clean, or if vacuuming doesn’t remove the buildup you will need to wash the filter. You should do this periodically even if you don’t see a lot of dust built up. Fill a sink with equal parts water and white vinegar and allow the filter to soak in the solution for an hour. Rinse it off with fresh water and allow it to dry completely. If your filter doesn’t fit in a sink or other container, you can gently hose it off – make sure not to use a pressurized setting.
  6. Return the filter to the unit when it is completely dry. Returning a damp filter can cause mold issues.

Cleaning your filter monthly is ideal to keep your air free of dust and debris, but you should make sure to clean it at least every season.

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