AprilAire 8192 Ventilator with Dehumidification Home Ventilation

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Choose the AprilAire 8192 for Your Home

The Model 8192 offers the advantages of a ventilation system while mitigating concerns about bringing overly humid air into a home.

The AprilaAre Model 8192 not only brings fresh air into your home, if the incoming air is above a set relative humidity percentage, then the incoming air is dehumidified.

AprilAire 8192

AprilAire 8192 Features

  • Ability to adjust the desired amount of ventilation and set a humidity limit – removes moisture from outdoor air before it enters the living space.
  • Temperature limit prevents ventilation during the hottest parts of the day and automatically compensates by increasing ventilation during cooler periods
  • Built-in digital control with display
  • 5-year warranty