Rheem CRTGH-84XLP Tankless Electric Water Heater

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Choose the Rheem CRTGH-84XLP for Your Home

The Rheem CRTGH-84XLP water heater is a high-capacity, tankless water heater that provides an endless supply of hot water for your home. With a flow rate of up to 8.4 gallons per minute, this powerful unit can easily meet the hot water demands of large households. It features a durable stainless steel heat exchanger and a built-in recirculation pump, which helps to reduce wait times for hot water and improve energy efficiency. The CRTGH-84XLP also has a compact, space-saving design and can be easily installed in a variety of locations. With its advanced temperature control and multiple venting options, this water heater is the perfect choice for homeowners who want reliable hot water on demand.



Recirc Inluded No
Warranty 0 Years
  • ENERGY STAR® rated
  • Up to .93 UEF -US
  • Up to .96 EF – Canada
  • With stainless steel condensing heat