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July 29, 2020

Why is My Central Air Making a Buzzing Sound?

my central air is making a buzzing sound

In the grueling summer heat, few things strike fear and concern into the hearts of peace-loving homeowners quite like uttering the phrase: my central air is making a buzzing sound. While some air conditioner noises are perfectly normal, a loud buzzing is an indication that your unit might be malfunctioning. Let’s look at a few common causes of a buzzing A/C unit:

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are common causes of buzzing sounds. The contractor relay switch is a low-voltage switch in your exterior unit which is controlled by the thermostat inside. When this switch goes out, it can create a loud buzzing. Replacing the switch can fix this issue, but aging or loose electrical connections can also cause buzzing noises. These are more serious issues that can lead to problems like electrical shorts if not repaired.

Isolation Feet

The compressor inside your A/C unit typically sits on rubber feet called isolation feet. These “feet” can wear down over time, even cracking or falling off. Missing or damaged isolation feet can lead to the compressor becoming unbalanced and making a loud buzzing noise while operating.

A Malfunctioning Compressor

The compressor in an A/C unit works to pressurize and cool refrigerant. A buzzing sound could indicate a problem with the compressor or the amount of voltage flowing through the system.

Loose Parts in the Unit

Loose parts, like bearings, can create buzzing or cause premature wear and tear on surrounding parts of the unit. Annual maintenance goes a long way toward preventing buzzing noises due to loose or missing parts.

A Frozen A/C Unit

Refrigerant leaks can lead to a unit freezing over and creating buzzing sounds.

“My Central Air is Making a Buzzing Sound”: Skip the Troubleshooting!

With so many possible causes of a buzzing A/C unit, troubleshooting can be daunting. Working with a professional HVAC company to diagnose and repair the problem can save you time and money, while scheduling annual maintenance for your A/C unit can prevent problems before they happen.

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