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Gold Star’s Real Estate Division is a dedicated program designed to help brokers, property managers and real estate agents alike throughout Delaware and Pennsylvania. We can handle all of the necessary heating, air conditioning, and water heater issues for your tenants, renters, and potential buyers no matter how big or how small. When it comes to priority residential HVAC service and water heaters you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you have an experienced company who you can rely on.

We know issues can occur unexpectedly, and that repairs or service may be needed immediately. As a member of our Real Estate Division, you’ll enjoy front of the line service, guaranteed same day service, and no emergency overtime rates. This business to business partnership is exclusive for members who are part of our program. Contact us today to learn more about how the expert team at Gold Star can help you.

Members Only Same Day Water Heater & HVAC Service

Whether it’s the middle of the night or on a holiday weekend, sometimes air conditioning and furnace breakdowns aren’t timely. As a property manager you need to have the ability to act quickly to ensure your tenants remain comfortable. The technicians and plumbers at Gold Star are just a click or call away and are happy to provide same day water heater or residential HVAC service.

If you’re a real estate agent or broker who is looking for a trustworthy partner for HVAC system replacements, look no further than Gold Star. We know potential buyers are searching for a home with an energy efficient heating and cooling system and are happy to provide recommendations that will help improve property values. When it comes to business, you need to partner with someone you can trust.

Perks of the Program

  • Same Day Service Guaranteed
  • Front of the Line Priority Access
  • No Emergency Service Rates
  • Nights and Weekend Availability

First In Line Heating Services

Gold Star always offers reliable heating services, but when it comes to renters or potential home buyers, time is of the essence. As a broker or property manager as soon as you receive a call that a furnace is on the fritz or isn’t working at all you need someone to be there immediately. As an exclusive member of our Real Estate Division, you’ll be bumped to the front of the line when we receive your call.

Priority Air Conditioning Services

We all know how unpredictable the summer heat can be. If the air conditioning system at your property breaks down, scheduling repairs shouldn’t be unpredictable or time consuming. Priority air conditioning services come standard as part of our Real Estate Program. You’ll never have to worry about rescheduling an open house or telling renters to sit tight. We will be there immediately when you need us.

Same Day Water Heater Service

Whether there’s a tank or tankless water heater at the property you own or manage, the expert plumbers at Gold Star can provide repairs or can replace the entire system if necessary. We service and maintain all makes and models, so we are able to quickly restore hot water to your property on the same day you call us. Comfortable tenants mean happy tenants with the help of our pros.

Real Estate Division & Priority Residential HVAC Service

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The success of your business depends on the happiness of your clients, tenants and renters. As a member of our Real Estate Division, you’ll experience a wide array of perks and benefits along with priority residential HVAC service that we don’t provide for all of our customers. Call us today to inquire about the program and to experience the Gold Star difference.

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