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August 25, 2016

Why Is My Air Conditioner Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Photo: Alan Hochberg, Flickr Creative Commons You notice that your home is unusually warm and that your air conditioner isn’t turning on, leading you to fear the worst. You check your electrical panel and find that the circuit breaker has tripped. You reset the breaker in relief – problem...
August 19, 2016

Poorly Maintained Air Conditioners Can Lead to House Fires

Photo: Rob Swystun, Flickr Creative Commons A fire in your home doesn’t just put the lives of you and your family at risk, it also leads to devastating property and financial loss, as well as the loss of irreplaceable family photos and keepsakes. While cooking is the leading cause of house fires,...
July 22, 2016

Four Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

Photo: starmanseries, Flickr Creative Commons As the summer heats up, you want to know you’re getting the most out of your air conditioner without seeing a drastic rise in your electric bill! Here are some tips from your friendly Wilmington HVAC technician that will save you money on your cooling...
July 15, 2016

How to Keep Your Cool During a Heat Wave

Photo: Catrin Austin, Flickr Creative Commons A heat wave is an extended period of extreme heat – 10 degrees or more above average – often coupled with high humidity. This results in a higher heat index, which is the temperature the body feels when the effects of heat and humidity are combined....
June 24, 2016

Understanding Your Air Conditioner’s Compressor

Photo: Steve Johnson, Flickr Creative Commons One of the most important components of your home’s air conditioning unit is the compressor, so we’ll be devoting two blogs to this topic. In this week’s blog we’ll discuss the function and importance of your compressor and what happens when...
June 17, 2016

Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

Photo: Jackie Bese, Flickr Creative Commons Air conditioners are complex systems with many moving parts, each one vital to the unit’s overall function. If one part fails, the whole system can malfunction. A common problem many residents notice is an air conditioner that has begun to blow hot air....
June 10, 2016

Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

Photo: A Yee, Flickr Creative Commons Finding a pool of water around your inside air conditioning unit can be disconcerting, but it doesn’t have to be cause for panic. First turn off your thermostat to prevent further water leakage and damage, and then call your Delaware air conditioning repair...
June 2, 2016

The Dangers of DIY Air Conditioning Repair

Photo: Tomas Fano, Flickr Creative Commons Do-it-yourself home repair is a growing trend, with home improvement shows making even the biggest home repairs look like a piece of cake. But when it comes to your air conditioner, you should refrain from DIY and call a professional. DIY air conditioning...
May 27, 2016

Why Do Air Conditioners Break Down?

Photo: Philip Bump, Flickr Creative Commons There is nothing worse than losing your air conditioning on a hot, humid summer day. It makes you miserable and desperate for relief, and in some cases it can even be dangerous for sensitive groups in your home, such as infants, the elderly, and pets....
May 20, 2016

How to Choose the Right Air Filter

Photo: Jackie Bese, Flickr Creative Commons Clean air filters are key in keeping your air conditioning unit running properly. Filters need to be changed or cleaned on a regular basis to keep your system running at peak efficiency. If you’ve noticed your home is dustier than usual, or your air...

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