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April 15, 2021

What is the Best Thermostat Fan Setting?

thermostat fan setting

If you look closely at the thermostat in your home, you’ll likely notice two fan settings: AUTO and ON. But which is the best thermostat fan setting to use? In this post, the experts at Gold Star Services explain each setting, and when to use them.

What Does the Thermostat Fan Setting Do?

The fan setting on your thermostat controls the blower—or fan—in your HVAC system. The blower is an essential component of your unit that helps circulate heated or cooled air throughout the home.

Is AUTO or ON the Best Fan Setting?

To know which thermostat fan setting to use, it’s important to understand what each one does. Let’s take a look:

Setting Your Fan to AUTO

The AUTO setting will only turn your fan on when your HVAC unit is actively heating or cooling your home. Once the desired temperature is reached, your entire system shuts down until it’s time to run the next cycle. This setting is more energy-efficient and offers better dehumidification in the home.

The cons of keeping your thermostat fan setting on AUTO include less even distribution of heated or cooled air throughout the home and greater wear and tear on your unit’s blower motor due to frequent starting and stopping.

Setting Your Fan to ON

The ON setting will have your fan blowing air at all times, whether your unit is actively running a cycle or not. This setting can help reduce warm or cold spots in the home, as it continually circulates air. Less frequent starting and stopping can increase the lifespan of your blower motor.

The cons of keeping your thermostat fan set to ON include higher energy costs. It can also allow cold air through your vents in the winter whenever your unit isn’t actively running a heat cycle.

The best setting is a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking to save money, it’s best to keep your fan set to AUTO. If you notice inconvenient hot or cold “pockets” in your home, try setting your fan to ON.

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