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December 4, 2015

Types of Furnaces

Types of Furnaces

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December is here, and by now all of us Northeasterners are starting to crank up the heat! We haven’t seen snow in the Delaware area just yet…but it’s still cold enough that your furnace is getting some action.

Gold Star is Delaware’s #1 HVAC company, so we know heating and cooling like the back of our hands! That’s why in this post we want to give you a guide to all the different types of furnaces out there, so you’re up to speed on the ways to stay warm this winter.

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We probably take it for granted that we no longer have gather wood, rub two sticks together and then all huddle around the fire just to get warm in your own house!

Pressing a button and having your heat come on is probably one of the greatest things about living in the 21st century! But there’s not just one way to get heat anymore, there are many different types of furnaces available now. Delaware’s favorite HVAC business has a list of four types of furnaces so you can get to know which is best for you.

Floor, Wall or Pipeless Furnace: This is a space-heating equipment that has an enclosed chamber where fuel is burned. It then sends the heat to the rooms above or next to it (depending on where in your home it’s located).

Central Warm Air Furnace: This is a type of space-heating equipment that uses gas, fuel oil or electricity to provide heating through air ducts to various rooms in your house. It’s powered by a central combustor or resistance unit.

Heat Pump – Reverse Cycle System: This is a yearound heating and cooling system. It works by having refrigerant equipment deliver the hot or cool air to each room through air ducts.

Steam or Hot Water System: These types of systems apply steam or hot water to radiators, convectors or pipes.

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Learning about the various types of furnaces may not be the most exciting thing you’ve ever done…but it sure is going to be useful if your heat stops working in the dead of winter and you’re searching for a new heating system! If you’re looking to get a new HVAC system installed you can contact Gold Star, the best HVAC business in Delaware, at (301) 376-7677. And to make sure you get the best prices, we offer a variety of specials to help no matter what your budget!

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