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June 24, 2016

Understanding Your Air Conditioner’s Compressor

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Photo: Steve Johnson, Flickr Creative Commons

One of the most important components of your home’s air conditioning unit is the compressor, so we’ll be devoting two blogs to this topic. In this week’s blog we’ll discuss the function and importance of your compressor and what happens when your compressor malfunctions. In our next blog we’ll talk about the most common causes of compressor failure and how to prevent them.

What Does the Compressor Do?

The compressor is often referred to as the heart of your system; an appropriate analogy for several reasons:

  • It is a key component that your system can’t function without.
  • It’s a generally reliable part; and if it fails before its expected lifespan (10 to 15 years) it’s likely due to an underlying cause that could have been prevented.
  • When it fails, it is expensive and sometimes impossible to fix.

It is also an appropriate comparison because, just as your heart pumps blood through your body, the compressor’s job it to compress the refrigerant gas and pump it through the system in order to remove heat and humidity from the air.

What Happens if the Compressor Breaks?

When the compressor breaks down you have two options: fix the compressor or buy a new outside AC unit. To make the best decision, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Be sure the compressor actually needs replacing – When it comes to an expensive item like the compressor, don’t assume the first diagnosis is completely accurate. Some technicians blame the compressor when the problem actually lies elsewhere. That is why you want to be sure you are choosing a reliable Newark HVAC company. If you aren’t confident in the diagnosis, get a second opinion. Gold Star offers free estimates so that you can see what needs replacing instead of being shocked by a bill.
  2. Check if the compressor is under warranty – If the compressor is still under warranty you will only have to pay the cost of labor. The technician should be able to tell you whether or not the warranty is still in place. With this information, you can then go to step #3:
  3. Compare the cost of fixing the compressor versus replacing the entire unit – If the compressor is not under warranty, the cost of a new compressor and the labor involved is slightly less than replacing the entire outside unit. But if you are thinking of replacing the outdoor unit, this leads to another decision: whether or not to also replace the indoor evaporator unit.

The inside and outside units are a “matched system,” meaning they were made for each other. Mismatched systems carry problems of their own, including premature failure and lowered efficiency. If your AC system is old, has needed frequent repairs, or you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bills, it may be wise to invest in a whole new system. If you are thinking about replacing your Newark air conditioning, our technicians can provide you with a FREE consultation, at no obligation to you.

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