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February 9, 2021

We Repair & Install Water Heaters

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If you’re searching for water heaters Wilmington, DE can rely on, look no further! Gold Star Services offers installation, repairs, replacement and maintenance on all makes and models of water heaters. In today’s post, we’ll do a quick overview of the different types of water heaters you’ll find on the market and how Gold Star Services can help you. Let’s get started:

Standard Water Heaters

Standard water heaters can be gas or electric powered. These units heat and store water in a reservoir, keeping it readily available. When hot water is drawn from the tank for household use, new water is added, heated and stored again for your convenience.

Tankless Water Heaters

These units heat water on demand, negating the need for a storage tank or reservoir. When you need hot water, simply turn on the tap for a constant supply! Tankless systems send cold water through a pipe and into the unit, where it’s heated as needed by a gas burner or electric element. Tankless water heaters perform well when it comes to energy savings, performance and capacity.

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pumps are perhaps better known in the context of heating and cooling your home, but they can be used to heat water as well. These units can be used either as a stand-alone water heater, or it can be used for both water heating and heating/cooling your home.

The type of water heater best suited for your space will depend on a variety of factors including your climate, space and budget. Our qualified HVAC technicians can help you decide which type of unit is best suited to your needs and budget. We install, service and maintain all types, makes and models of water heaters.

Work with Gold Star Services for Water Heaters: Wilmington DE

Gold Star Services is backed by the Google Guarantee for reliable service, and our customer testimonials speak for themselves. Our team is always ready to help in the areas of heating, air conditioning and water heaters. Call 1-302-947-8694 to get started!

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