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September 17, 2020

Why Are Some Rooms Warmer Than Others?

why are some rooms warmer than others

Have you ever wondered: why are some rooms warmer than others in my home? In this post, Gold Star Services looks at five reasons behind this phenomenon and what you can do about it.

Why Are Some Rooms Warmer Than Others?

  1. Multiple Levels

Heat rises, so it follows that different levels in the home may warm to different temperatures. Some areas will also require longer runs of air ducts before cool air can reach them.

A good solution for this is to set up a zoned A/C system, whereby your home is broken up into different areas or zones, each with its own thermostat or temperature sensor to control cooling with dampers in air ducts.

  1. Room Setup

Some rooms produce more heat than others, depending on their use and setup. A home office, for example, is likely to have heat emanating from computers, printers and other equipment.

Again, air flow can be adjusted with dampers in air ducts, allowing additional cooling in areas like these.

  1. Air Ducts

Air ducts carry cooled air from your system to your air vents. Air travelling through uninsulated ductwork can become heated when travelling through uncooled parts of your home, such as attics. Long runs of ducts can also cause air warm as it travels. As a result, rooms farther away from the A/C unit may be warmer than those close to it. Leaks in ductwork can cause cool air to leak out before reaching your living space.

This can be addressed by insulating air ducts, restructuring ductwork and/or having a professional inspect air ducts for leaks.

  1. Return Vents

Your home may only have a single return vent, which is responsible for sucking warm air into the unit for cooling. As a result, the rooms farthest away from this vent may have cool air mixing with stagnant warm air.

Leaving doors open throughout the house can encourage proper airflow, while additional return vents can also be added throughout the home.

  1. The Size of Your System

It’s important to ensure your A/C unit is adequately sized for your home. A system that is too small may simply not be able to cool your entire house, while a unit that is too big may shut off too quickly, before all rooms are adequately cooled.

If your unit is too small, an upgrade or additional unit might be the best solution. If your unit is too big, you can try using fans to direct cool air to the warmer areas of your home.

Call a Professional

A certified HVAC technician can evaluate your A/C unit and determine the best course of action for a balanced cooling system.

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