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February 11, 2016

Why Is My Furnace is Overheating?


You want your furnace to provide you with heat in the winter, but too much heat can be bad news – for both the furnace and the people living in your home. An overheating furnace can cause serious malfunctions to your HVAC system and be rather uncomfortable for you and your family. That’s why if you think your furnace is starting to give you too much of a good thing, you should call the most trusted HVAC business in Delaware to come take a look.

Gold Star is the #1 HVAC company in Delaware. We provide heating, cooling and plumbing services and have developed a widespread reputation for excellent and courteous service. In this blog we’ll talk about why your furnace is having a meltdown and what you can do to take the heat down a notch (or ten!).

This Delaware HVAC Business Has the Facts

No matter what type of furnace you have, its motors need to function properly to run the air blowers that exchange and distribute heat throughout your house. If for some reason these motors are working too hard, your furnace will overheat and eventually burn out. Here are some reasons why your furnace’s motors could be working at their max:

  • Blocked Air Filters – Dirty and clogged air filters are the cause of many heating problems, so it’s important to change them seasonally. When it comes to furnace overheating, a blocked air filter will cut off airflow, causing your furnace motors to work way harder than they need to.
  • Blocked Vents – Is there furniture or stacks of books covering up some of your vents? Make sure the air is flowing freely out of all of them or else your furnace motors will be straining to get air through your home, and may start to overheat.
  • Short Cycling – When a furnace turns on and off repeatedly it’s called short cycling. If you notice your furnace doing this, you can refer to our blog post on short cycling to find out why. All of that constant “on and off” puts a lot of stress on the furnace motors, so get your HVAC system checked out by a professional before your furnace doesn’t turn on at all.

Make Gold Star Your Go-To HVAC Company!

If your furnace is overheating, don’t expect it to fix itself. Letting your furnace sit unrepaired can cause permanent damage, leaving you with more expenses and a bigger headache in the long run. Instead, call the heating experts in Delaware as soon as possible to get it fixed at 1-302-947-8694. We’ll give you and your furnace the Gold Star treatment!

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