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May 9, 2018

Why Is My House Heater Not Working?

why is my house heater not working

Delaware is no stranger to below-freezing temperatures, so living without a heating system for just a few days can be brutal. If you’ve been wondering, “Why is my house heater not working?” and your search for answers has fallen flat, contact the HVAC experts at Gold Star Services.

How Cold Temperatures Cause Heating System Breakdowns

There are countless reasons why your heating system could break down, which is why investing in a Heating System Maintenance Plan is always a good idea when the mercury starts to dip. Our comprehensive maintenance agreements include thorough inspections of your heating equipment to identify any issues and prevent future breakdowns.

Below, we’ve outlined two of the most common reasons why heating units stop working in the winter:

Snow Blocks the Intake or Exhaust Pipe Outside the House

Does your furnace keep trying to start but won’t turn on? The problem could be snow or ice buildup blocking the intake or exhaust pipe. The solution may be as simple as clearing snow from the pipe. You can find the exhaust or intake pipe by looking for a white or black pipe leading from the furnace to an outside wall (usually the basement wall in houses). Go outside and look for the area where the pipe exits the house. If you clear the snow and find that the furnace still doesn’t turn on, or if there is too much ice buildup, it’s time to consult a Gold Star Services HVAC technician.

Condensate Lines Freeze and Shut Off the Heater

Condensate lines are responsible for draining away excess moisture. If there’s a pipe clog, the water can stop in place and freeze. This often happens due to dirty evaporator coils or gunk in the condensate drain line.

If you think an obstruction may be causing your condensate lines to freeze, contact Gold Star Services for an appointment. One of our technicians will clean your evaporator coils safely and identify any other issues that may be contributing to the problem.

There are many other reasons for a heating system to stop working. If you’re still wondering, “Why is my house heater not working?,” contact us today at 1-302-947-8694 to speak with a Gold Star Services comfort specialist.

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