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Extreme summer temperatures can make your air conditioning system work overtime which can cause untimely malfunctions that let the heat and humidity seep in, making it unbearable in your home. Don’t sweat it! Gold Star Services offers speedy and professional AC repair services throughout all of Delaware (including the beaches) and parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Our Gold Star service vehicles are fully stocked and over 92% of our service calls are completed on the same visit! We understand the importance of your comfort and your time. We’re available 24/7/365 and never charge any overtime fees!

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service

Gold Star recommends routine AC maintenance, but you should also keep an eye on your system and call us for air conditioning service if you notice any signs of a potential problem. Your AC system should keep you comfortable, and if you are experiencing warm spots or high humidity levels or frequently need to adjust the thermostat, then something is wrong, and your AC needs professional attention. Power issues indicate a fundamental problem as well. Those include HVAC circuit breakers tripping, intermittent shutoffs, short or long cycling, or the system not starting in a reliable manner. Be mindful of any odd smells or unusual or loud noises, monitor your energy costs on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis, and call us if you ever never notice a sudden spike in your bill.

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The Benefits of Gold Star’s AC Service

Perhaps the most common mistake homeowners make is putting off maintenance or a needed repair as that approach is usually going to cost you more in the end. When you schedule Gold Star for air conditioning service, we’re going to clean your system, inspect it, and diagnose and correct any problems accurately. Service on a regular basis is going to extend the system’s lifespan and lower your total cost of ownership. We’ll make sure that your home is cool and comfortable in a consistent manner, and our service also ensures optimal energy efficiency, which means you’ll pay less each month to cool your home.

The AC Systems We Service

AC is a broad term that refers to all of the technologies used to cool homes. It often refers to central air conditioning systems, but we also offer air conditioning service for heat pumps and ductless mini-splits.

Air Conditioning Installation - Central AC
Central Cooling

Central air conditioning is the most prevalent cooling approach in our region. It provides consistent comfort throughout a home by delivering cooled air through a network of ducts.

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation - Ductless AC
Ductless Cooling

A ductless mini-split blows air directly into the living area rather than through ductwork. You have the option of AC only or both heating and cooling, and zoned HVAC is an affordable option as well.

Air Conditioning Installation - Heat Pumps
Heat Pump Cooling

A heat pump system is similar to central air conditioning in that air is delivered via ductwork. The difference is that it does not require a furnace but rather can provide the heat itself.

Air Conditioning Replacement Services

If your air conditioner is old or too expensive to repair, Gold Star can assist you with an AC replacement as well. We provide a full range of installation services and offer all of the best AC models from the top brands. Our team will help you choose the ideal system based on your home and budget. We’ll ensure that it’s sized appropriately and install it in a manner that keeps you cool and comfortable for many years to come while being protected by an industry-leading warranty.

Routine AC Maintenance

Gold Star encourages our customers to schedule air conditioning maintenance every year, and a great time to do that is in spring prior to needing to run your AC. Maintenance is necessary for warranty purposes and also a great idea because it keeps your system clean, prevents normal wear and tear from developing into serious problems, lowers your monthly costs, and extends the life of your equipment. Gold Star also offers maintenance plans that keep your AC on schedule and help you save money, and members also get priority service, member pricing, lifetime warranties, and much more.

Emergency AC Repair Services

Gold Star appreciates that waiting until tomorrow simply isn’t an option when your AC breaks down in the middle of summer. The good news is that we’ll never keep you waiting for air conditioning service as we have a repair team on call and ready to help even in the middle of the night, on weekends, and during the holidays. Our repair technician will get out to your home as quickly as possible and get the cool air flowing again in a safe and reliable manner.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

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