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In the winter, your heater will be more important than your air conditioner. A faulty heater has the ability to endanger the home’s occupants’ safety, and increase the risk of freezing pipes, in addition to also causing discomfort. Regular heater service keeps your system running smoothly and safely all winter. We are ready to assist you if you require heater repair services. There are no hidden fees or extra labor hours charged with Gold Star’s heater repair. Our HVAC professionals are professional and friendly, and they will leave your home in the same condition that they found it when they arrived to work on your heating system.

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Does Your Heater Need Service?

You can examine a couple of things to discover if your heater needs to be serviced. Some of these items are basic tests that you as a homeowner can do. Check and change your air filters 3-4 times each year to ensure optimal airflow. This will keep your system from having to work harder than necessary. Keep an ear out for any unexpected sounds or odors coming from your heater. Other problems can be detected by a Gold Star HVAC expert.

Heater Service When You Need it Most

Despite the fact that this is frequently the case, unexpected heater repairs during the winter season do not have to be costly or time-consuming. Gold Star offers 24-hour emergency heater service, seven days a week, with no overtime charges. Countless local homes rely on Gold Star’s professional technicians to repair furnace problems correctly the first time. Our professionals are trained to quickly detect problems and deliver the best heater service solutions to get the heat back on in your home as soon as possible.

Gas Heater Service

In our area, natural gas and propane furnaces are extremely common. They use a pilot flame to start the system and disperse hot air around your home. Because they rely on a gas connection and various moving elements, having your system tested to ensure that everything is working properly is vital. Gold Star’s heater service technicians can evaluate your system to identify and repair any issues with your gas heater.

Electric Heater Service

Electric heaters, which are noted for their excellent efficiency, provide the same function as gas heaters without the need for an actual flame within the system. Consider a hairdryer: when you turn it on, a coil inside warms up, and hot air is drawn over the coil. A blower then circulates the air around your home. While no specific connections are necessary, all electrical components should be regularly examined.

Routine Heater Service Will Save You Money

Keeping a regular schedule for heater service check-ups can save both time and money. A potential problem may be spotted during a checkup, allowing proper maintenance and repair to prevent a larger, more expensive problem in the future. Regular heater maintenance also guarantees that vital components of your heater are replaced as needed, minimizing unexpected breakdowns and unpredictability in heater repair prices. Gold Star repairs and maintains both electric and gas heaters. It’s a good idea to have a certified technician do a heater safety check before temperatures drop.

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Reliable Heater Replacement Services

If you have an older heating system or need regular repairs, it may be time to replace it. Modern heaters are more energy efficient than ones manufactured 15-20 years ago. You’ll be able to keep more stable temperatures inside while minimizing your energy expenditures thanks to technology developments like variable-speed motors. When you choose Gold Star for your heater replacement, you will receive honest recommendations and pricing for a new system for your house, as well as support from professional HVAC technicians who will guarantee your heater is installed properly.

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Trust Gold Star for Your Heater Service

Whether your heater needs repairs, a tune-up, or a total system replacement, Gold Star’s heating technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your heater requires service, call us today at 1-302-947-8694. You can also request an appointment online, and someone from our staff will contact you to schedule a heater inspection.