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Replace Your Heater for Lasting Comfort

If your heating system has reached the end of its service life, you need to plan to have a new heater installed as soon as possible. The first step in the process of heater replacement is to have a qualified heating company perform a thorough inspection to determine the best replacement system for your particular needs. At Gold Star Services, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right type of heating system that will operate efficiently to keep your home comfortable. You’ll have peace of mind knowing select heating systems come with a 12 year parts and labor warranty. Contact us today for a free quote!

Expert Heater Replacement

Our trained HVAC technicians are experts who have vast amounts of experience and receive continuous training in installing all types of heating systems. They will perform a thorough calculation of your home and measure a variety of factors. They will look at existing insulation and its R-value, ventilation and ductwork, and the size and layout of your air handler.

Gold Star understands that replacing a heating system is not an “impulse buy,” it is a major decision. Whether you have a natural gas, propane, or electric heater, we’ll work with you to find the right unit for your budget.

Types of Heating Systems We Replace

Homes in our area have a variety of heating systems. At Gold Star, our HVAC technicians are trained to work on everything including furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and ductless systems. Whether you are replacing your current heater with the same kind or are looking to convert to a different system, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Gold Star.

Heat Pump Replacement

When you have a heat pump installed in your home you are able to heat and cool your property all year long. They are incredibly energy efficient as they draw heat energy from inside and outside of the home to regulate the temperature.

Boiler Replacement

Whether you have an old boiler for an existing hydronic heating system or want to upgrade, Gold Star knows the ins and outs of these complex systems. We can replace your current unit or install a totally new radiant floor heating system.

Gas & Electric Furnace Replacement

Furnaces are incredibly popular heating systems. They burn fuel and that heat is pushed throughout your home via ductwork. They come with single-stage or variable-speed motors that provide varying levels of energy efficiency.

Ductless Mini Split Replacement

Small and powerful, ductless mini splits are great for supplemental heating needs and retrofitting older or smaller homes that don’t have room for ductwork. Whether you are replacing a current unit or installing a new one, we have you covered.

Heating Replacement Services - Maintenance

Proper Maintenance Will Extend the Life of Your Heater

A properly installed and maintained heating system can have a lifespan of over 20 years. We want you to protect your investment so you can maximize energy savings over the life of your heater. Gold Star offers an Annual Maintenance Plan where we perform our 24-point inspection, cleaning, and configuration check to ensure that your system is operating exactly how it should.

Common Reasons for Heater Replacement

The most popular reason to replace your heater is simply old age. Over time your heater will break down to the point of no repair, especially if it is not properly maintained. Many of the issues that cause a heater to fail can be traced to lack of attention. Thankfully there are many signs of heater failure that you may notice. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to have a licensed heating professional inspect your system as soon as possible to avoid any safety issues and of course prevent you from being stuck in the cold.

Why Replace Your Heater?
  • No Heat
  • Uneven Heat
  • High Energy Bills
  • Age / Wear & Tear
  • Excess Dust in Air
  • Strange Noises or Smells
  • Thermostat Problems
  • Constant Cycling
Heater Repair Services

If you think your heater may still have some life left, Gold Star can inspect your current system and see if any repairs can keep it operational. We know installing a new heater isn’t a welcomed expense, so we’ll provide you with honest options and any necessary repairs if they can help you be better prepared to replace your heater at a later time. Our HVAC technicians are trained to work on all types of heaters so give us a call and we can come out and get yours running again.

Choose Gold Star for Your Heater Replacement

Homeowners in Delaware and parts of Pennsylvania don’t have to look far for a local heating replacement company. Locally owned and operated, at Gold Star Services your comfort is our top concern. We go that extra mile to make it easy for you to afford the service when you need it. All of our HVAC technicians have identification badges and protect your home by using drop cloths and other protective materials, giving you peace of mind. We’re available 24/7 to discuss your heating needs. Contact us or give us a call at 1-302-947-8694 to schedule an inspection of your heater and to get a free quote on a heater replacement.

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