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Choosing Gold Star for Your Central Air Conditioning Needs

One of the services offered by Gold Star is installation of new central air conditioning units. If your old unit has seen better days and it is time for a new one, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our trained and experienced technicians are experts at installing new central air conditioners. We know how miserable it can be to be without air conditioning during the warmer months, so we work quickly to get your new unit installed.

After the installation, our service technicians will walk you through all of the features and help you understand how to best care for your unit. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with our work and able to enjoy a cool, air-conditioned space.

Central Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Gold Star specializes in air conditioning system repair, and we service all makes and models. If you have a system failure, we will fix it quickly, and if you have less obvious problems, such as uneven cooling, we will diagnose and correct it. Our company even has repair technicians on call around the clock for those urgent cooling issues. If it is time to replace your air conditioner rather than repair it, we can assist you in selecting the best model for your home and installing it precisely.

Types of Central Air Conditioning Systems

The two main types of central air conditioners are split systems and packaged units. Split systems are generally preferred because they are more efficient and have a longer equipment life for the indoor components, but packaged units are required in situations where a split system is not practical.

Central Air Conditioner

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Understand How Central Air Conditioning Works

Central air conditioning systems are typically split systems with an outdoor unit housing the compressor and an indoor unit housing the evaporator condenser coils and air handler. There are, however, packaged systems that house all of that equipment in an outdoor unit and are used for homes and businesses that, for whatever reason, cannot accommodate the indoor equipment. Both configurations are installed, replaced, serviced, and repaired by Gold Star’s skilled and experienced technicians.

Air is drawn into the central air conditioning system via return vents and delivered via supply vents. Return vents are relatively large, and your home may only have one or two. Supply vents are typically smaller and more numerous throughout a home. This circulation is created by a blower. Return vent air is forced through a heat exchanger, which transfers heat energy from the air. The cooled air is then forced through the ductwork and into the living space via the return vents.

Advantages of Having a Central Air Conditioning System

A central air conditioning system offers numerous advantages for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. It provides consistent and even cooling throughout the entire house, ensuring every room receives the same level of comfort. It eliminates the need for bulky window units or portable air conditioners, allowing for more aesthetic appeal and unobstructed views. Additionally, central AC systems are generally quieter compared to individual units, reducing noise pollution inside and outside the house. They also offer better air quality by filtering and purifying the air, removing dust, pollen, and other allergens.

• Energy Efficiency

Compared to window units, central air conditioners offer greater energy efficiency. However, it’s crucial to select the appropriate-sized unit to maximize efficiency. An oversized or undersized unit can lead to improper cycling, resulting in higher operating costs and increased wear and tear.

• Filtered Air

While central air conditioning systems don’t actively filter the air, modern units are designed to minimize the introduction of pollutants into the living space. Regular seasonal maintenance and occasional duct cleaning help maintain clean air quality.

• Quiet Operations

Central air conditioning is known for its quiet operation. The loudest components, such as the blower, are insulated away from the living space, distinguishing it from window units and mini-splits that can generate noticeable noise.

• Programmable Settings

Central AC systems are compatible with smart and programmable thermostats, allowing users to optimize energy usage. With programmable settings, you can save money by adjusting cooling settings when the house is unoccupied, such as during work and school hours.

• Consistent Temperature

Unlike window ACs and mini splits, central systems distribute cooled air evenly throughout the entire home. This ensures that there are no warm spots and maintains consistent temperatures in every room, thanks to the pressure in the ductwork.

Heat Pump AC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Seasonal maintenance is the best way to avoid breakdowns and other AC problems. We recommend scheduling a tune-up before the cooling season to perform a multi-point inspection, clean your system, check refrigerant levels, and repair any wear and tear.

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Trust Gold Star for Your Central Air Conditioning System

The Gold Star team is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of central air conditioning, and we can provide you with reliable information and professional advice. Expert replacement and annual maintenance will help to keep you cool while saving you money. Call us at 1-302-947-8694 or contact us online today with any questions or to schedule an on-site consultation or service appointment.