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Improving Indoor Air Quality In Your Home

Indoor air pollution is a serious health risk that has prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to publish advisories and even launch an informational ad campaign. The team at Gold Star specializes in indoor air quality solutions and works hard to help our clients breathe the cleanest and healthiest air possible. Diminished air quality can intensify symptoms related to allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments. In otherwise healthy individuals, it can cause chronic fatigue and headaches and lead to irritation of the respiratory system in addition to your eyes and skin. Contact Gold Star today if you would like to improve the air quality in your home and explore the various solutions available.

Indoor Air Quality Filter

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

The air inside your home typically is not cleaner than the air outside it without some form of air purification. Unfortunately, many homes have inadequate ventilation, which means that pollution levels in the average home are high enough to present a health risk. Research indicates that indoor air pollution can not only exacerbate symptoms but actually leads to the onset of asthma and other health conditions. Many people living in an environment with poor indoor air quality will experience fatigue, headaches, dizziness and so forth without realizing the reason why.

If you experience dry skin or irritated eyes, those are obvious telltale signs. But poor air quality in a home undermines your living space in other ways too. It makes it more likely that you will experience mildew and even mold. It also creates an environment in which bacteria and viruses can thrive and thus make your family more likely to catch colds, get the flu and so forth.

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The good news is that you can ensure that the air quality in your home is healthy. It all begins with controlling the dust in your house. Dust is the number one contributor to poor indoor air quality because it traps pollutants and continues to emit them over time. It also important to ensure that you are not unintentionally introducing contaminants into the home, such as through household cleaners and deodorizers. Change air filters whenever they are visually dirty, groom pets regularly to control dander and take advantage of nice weather to let fresh air in. Gold Star also recommends seasonal heating tune-ups, occasional duct cleaning and considering a whole-home air purification system.

Air Quality Tips
  • Clean Ducts
  • Groom Pets
  • Change Filters
  • Open Windows
  • Clean Registers
  • Clean Fans
  • Clean Floors
Indoor Air Quality Maintenance
HVAC Maintenance Is Crucial

Seasonal maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment is integral for a number of reasons, including monthly utility expenses and long-term equipment health. But it is also important to emphasize the role heating and AC plays concerning ventilation, humidity and other aspects of indoor air pollution. Routine maintenance extends beyond just an inspection and HVAC tune-up to cleaning the equipment and ensuring that operation of the unit is not introducing pollutants into the home.

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AirRanger Polarized Filters
Air Filters & Enhanced Filtration

Your HVAC air filters help to keep dust and other particulates out of your heating and cooling system. The general rule is to replace them—or clean them if you have reusable filters—every three months, but each home is different. We recommend a monthly inspection and swapping them out whenever you can see the dust buildup. For enhanced filtration, you may want to consider a whole-house air purification system, such as AirRanger. Gold Star can integrate AirRanger into your existing heating and cooling system, and it will remove dust, pathogens and many other contaminants.

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Whole Home Dehumidifier

Your air conditioner removes moisture from the air as part of cooling it but can struggle to reach an ideal relative humidity when levels are high. A dehumidifier will work in tandem with your air conditioner. It not only makes your home more comfortable but results in your AC not working as hard, and thus lasting longer. Discover the benefits of a whole home dehumidifier.

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Steam Humidifier

Dry indoor air is a common byproduct of heating a home. It can lead to respiratory irritation and other potentially serious health issues. A humidifier integrated into your home heating system will use steam to add moisture into the air before it is pushed through the vents and into your living spaces.

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Air Scrubbers
Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers are among the most recent innovations in air cleaning. The technology was designed for NASA and since refined for home use and is now recognized as Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation. It is the only air cleaning product to receive that certification. An air scrubber for the home helps kill microorganisms with ultraviolet light but also creates oxygen and hydrogen molecules that scrub the air of volatile organic compounds and other gases.

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Germicidal UV Lights
UVC Air Purifiers

If you want to ensure that your family breathes the cleanest air possible, then you may want to consider a UVC air purifier. These purifiers use ultraviolet light to improve indoor air quality by killing airborne pathogens and microorganisms. Many modern hospitals use ultraviolet light to disinfect surfaces. The Series3 solutions that we install in ductwork can destroy bacteria, viruses and even mold.

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Gold Star specializes in replacing, servicing and repairing home heating and cooling systems. The 12-year mark is when we advise our customers to begin considering replacement. The latest heating systems are more energy efficient and will thus cost you less over the long term. They are also more environmentally friendly and can play an important role in improving your indoor air quality.

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Gold Star is an HVAC company that is proud to have served homeowners in Delaware and Pennsylvania for more than a decade now. With our team, you can count on excellent customer service, dependable heating and cooling services and competitive pricing. If you would like to learn more about your indoor air quality options or want to schedule an appointment, call us at 1-302-947-8694 or contact us online.