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December 23, 2020

Ductwork Making Banging Noise: Common Causes

Air ducts are one of those necessities we like to keep out of sight and out of mind, but what happens when they make noise? In this post, we’ll take a look at common causes for ductwork making banging noise. Fortunately, most noises coming from ductwork aren’t a cause for major concern. Common...
June 25, 2020

What is the Clean Air Defense System?

When talking about air quality, many people think of pollution in the air outside. However, according to the EPA, indoor air pollution is ranked in the top five environmental risks to public health. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to chronic headaches, fatigue, sinus congestion, coughing...
June 24, 2020

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Did you know that the quality of the air inside your home is not only important for your comfort, but also for your health? We spend a lot of time thinking about pollution in the air outside. However, many homeowners don’t realize the importance of reducing pollutants in their home’s air as...
November 20, 2015

Goldstar’s Guide To Vent Covers

As much as you want to get rid of those ugly metal grates in your floors, walls or ceilings, vent covers are actually an essential part of your home! Think about it – all that cool air you want so desperately in the summer and warm air you definitely need in the winter, has to...

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