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April 15, 2021

How to Set Thermostat in Spring

As the chill of winter recedes and we no longer need the heat to run, it can be tough to know how to set thermostat in spring. In this post, the experts at Gold Star Services provide some guidance. How to Set Thermostat in Spring for Efficiency Even when the temperature feels comfortable enough to...
July 29, 2020

Home HVAC Tips for Summer

We all love the warm weather and long daylight hours that summer brings. When it’s too hot outside, our air conditioning systems make our homes a cool and comfortable haven to return to. However, summer can also mean high energy bills. While working your A/C hard may not be avoidable, there are...
August 28, 2019

Is It Cheaper to Leave Air Conditioner on All Day in Summer

Your air conditioner is your best asset during the sweltering summer months. However, without planning ahead, those cool temps can come at a steep cost. So, is it cheaper to leave air conditioner on all day? Or, it is more efficient to only turn it on when needed? The pros at Gold Star Services...
May 6, 2016

Common Cooling Myths That Could Be Costing You Money

Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient and cut down on utility bills. There are lots of tips out there on how to cut back on cooling costs, but some of these tips could actually be costing you money! Gold Star is here to set the record straight on...
May 7, 2014

Time to Get Your Air Conditioner in Tip Top Shape for the D...

Delaware can be a steamy state during the summer months, so getting ready for the heat is imperative. Now that Spring is in the air, it is a good time to check out your air conditioner and make sure it is ready for the heat. In order to avoid a malfunction at the most inopportune time; a hot...

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