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March 5, 2019

What are the Differences Between a Heat Pump and Furnace?

difference between heat pump and furnace

If you’re shopping around for an effective way to heat your home during the winter, you’re most likely deciding between a heat pump and a furnace. Every year, thousands of homeowners are confronted by this climate control conundrum, left to decipher confusing jargon to find the right system for their needs. At Gold Star Services, our knowledgeable pros can help you understand the difference between heat pump and furnace. We can provide suggestions on the best solution for your home or office space.

Besides installing new HVAC systems, our experienced technicians also specialize in cooling and heating equipment repair, replacement, and maintenance. Call 1-302-947-8694 today to schedule a home visit.

Difference Between Heat Pump and Furnace

During the colder months, keeping your home or office warm will help keep people comfortable, minimize indoor moisture, and reduce mold growth. But what is the best way to heat your specific household?

Heat pumps are hybrid systems that can either cool or heat your house. They transfer warm air from inside to the outdoors and vice versa to achieve a desired temperature. For example, on a cold day, this system will extract warmth from the air outside. It will pump it indoors to heat your home. But on a warmer day, it will strip heat from your indoor air and expel it outside.

Unlike a heat pump, a furnace system is designed for the sole purpose of generating heat. This device works by burning fuel, such as oil, propane, or natural gases, to warm the air inside your home. This powerful system may be more efficient at dealing with extreme cold temperatures. However, it can be expensive and inefficient to keep running during milder parts of the year. You will also need to have an additional air conditioner system to cool your home on hotter days.

If you’re struggling to choose between a heat pump or furnace, the pros at Gold Star Services are here to help. We will evaluate your indoor space and provide expert recommendations on the best HVAC system for your budget and needs. We also specialize in installing heat pump with oil furnace backup, a hybrid solution that may be the most efficient option for your situation.

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Now that you understand the difference between heat pumps and furnaces, it’s time to turn to the experts at Gold Star Services. Our technicians are trained to install any system. We can ensure that your new cooling or heating equipment is operating efficiently all year long. Call 1-302-947-8694 today to get an estimate for replacement.

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