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January 21, 2016

Everyday Tips To Cut Energy Costs – Gold Star Services


We all have our indulgences. Maybe it’s a little chocolate after dinner or a trip to the spa once a month. But if you like to stay toasty during the winter, cranking the heat 24/7 on a tight budget is not the way to splurge. We’ve seen some frigid temperatures in the Delaware area this winter, so your heat should most definitely be on, but what if we told you there was a way to keep the heat in while using less of it?

Gold Star Services is a Wilmington HVAC company that provides heating, cooling and plumbing services to Delaware and Pennsylvania. We’ve built our company one customer at a time, making sure to focus on reasonable prices and courteous service. In this blog, we’ll give you the tools to keep warm this winter without having to boost the temperature on your thermostat, so you can focus on saving.

Heating Guidelines From This Wilmington HVAC Company

As heating experts, we know just how pricey that energy bill can be. That’s why we want to share these simple ways you can cut down the cost of that bill, without skimping on warmth.

  1. Use The Sun – Even in the dead of winter, a little sunshine can make a big difference. Keep south-facing windows free of foliage or anything that is blocking the sunlight from pouring into your home. At night, close your curtains for a little extra insulation.
  2. Don’t Heat An Empty House – Install a programmable thermostat so your heat will automatically turn off while you’re away at work and turn on right before you get back. You’ll never notice the difference…until your bill arrives!
  3. Try A Space Heater – If you really want to save, buy a space heater and put it in the room you use most. Turn the heat about 10-15 degrees lower than normal and stay in the room with the space heater. This is especially helpful after work when all the family may be gathered in one room. Just be sure to follow safety guidelines with space heaters to the T.
  4. Eliminate Drafts – There are plenty of sneaky places your heat could be slipping out. Attic doors, electrical outlets, window frames and door thresholds are just a few examples. Make sure spaces like these are sealed.

There’s No HVAC Business in Wilmington Like Gold Star Services

If you have a heating or maintenance issue, be sure to call Gold Star Services, the #1 HVAC business in Wilmington, for help. We provide emergency services so we can be there as soon as disaster strikes! You can even read testimonials to see what real customers are saying about us. Call today at 1-302-947-8694.

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