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August 6, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Water Powered Sump Pumps

Everything You Need To Know About

Water Powered Sump Pumps For Your Delaware Home

Does your basement regularly flood damaging your home and personal belongings?

In today’s society, basements are used for much more than a storage facility. Most homeowners have transitioned their basements into game rooms, fully functional family rooms, or even home offices, which can be quite costly. This could be a huge set back in your investment, if your basement was destroyed by flooding. When it comes to protecting your basement, it is crucial that you backup your main sump pump in case of malfunction. Most homeowners are now installing the water powered sump pump as a solid defense to prevent damage. Before starting any installation, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages.


 What are the advantages of installing a water powered sump pump?

During severe weather conditions, an electrical blackout is typical, causing failure within your main sump pump. The water powered sump pump is a top choice for many reasons; the main being is that it does not rely on electricity to function. Instead, it is powered by using water pressure from your homes water supply. When your main sump pump fails, the water powered sump pump automatically begins working, which is extremely helpful in times of crisis.


So what are the disadvantages of installing a water powered sump pump?

Like all things good, there is also some bad. The amount of water that is necessary for the pump to properly function is quite substantial, resulting in an increase to your water bill due to operating costs. However, this cost is significantly small compared to the cost of replacing your water damaged basement.



Although there are few minor disadvantages to the water powered sump pump, this is the best choice for protecting your home against water damage. Rainy days no longer have to be a burden to your home or your family. If you need help with installing your water powered sump pump in your Delaware home, contact Gold Star Services for more information • www.goldstarcooling.com1-302-947-8694

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