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December 3, 2019

Furnace Repair: West Chester PA

furnace repair west chester pa

A furnace is an effective heating solution that will keep you warm even when outdoor temps drop below zero. But this powerful system can break down when you need it most, plunging your home into a bone-chilling deep freeze. At Gold Star Services, we repair a range of HVAC systems from heat pumps and ductless split systems to furnaces and hybrid solutions. When searching for a company for furnace repair, West Chester PA locals turn to the knowledgeable team at Gold Star Services.

Once we’ve repaired your system, we will give you a maintenance plan to show you how to optimize your unit, reduce your running costs, and extend your equipment’s lifespan. To find out more, contact us today at 1-302-947-8694 and ask to speak to one of our comfort specialists.

Looking for experts in furnace repair? West Chester PA residents recommend Gold Star Services

From inadequate heating and short cycling to strange noises, furnaces can experience a wide range of issues that can be difficult to resolve. At Gold Star Services, we offer prompt emergency repair services geared towards restoring your heating in record time. Let’s explore just a few reasons why your furnace may not be heating your home:

  1. Dirty Air Filters

Air filters prevent dust and debris from entering your furnace, minimizing the risk of damage to your system’s internal machinery. However, these air filters must be replaced – or cleaned, if your unit is fitted with reusable filters – on a regular basis. Left unchecked, your filters can become blocked, restricting airflow to your furnace and hamstringing its performance. At Gold Star Services, we will create a personalized checklist designed to guide you through important maintenance tasks to ensure your system is operating efficiently.

  1. Blocked Vents

Vents guard your ductwork against foreign objects. However, just like air filters, you will need to clean your vents to ensure they don’t get gummed up with dust and debris. We suggest cleaning your vents once a month. Using a damp cloth, wipe your vents to remove any dust that may have built up and could be restricting airflow.

  1. Burning Smell

The smell of burning dust can be alarming, but in most cases, this is nothing to worry about. During summer and spring when your furnace isn’t in use, your system will collect dust. When you first switch on your furnace, this dust will ignite and produce a burning smell. Just keep your system running until the remaining dust has been burnt off.

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When you need repairs, turn to the crew at Gold Star Services for reliable answers, expert advice, and effective solutions. More than 92% of our calls are completed on the same visit! Call 1-302-947-8694 to speak to one of our comfort specialists.

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