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February 3, 2020

Why is My Heat Pump’s Auxiliary Heat Always On?

heat pump auxiliary heat always on

From summer to winter, you’ve come to rely on your heat pump to provide relief from the sweltering heat and biting cold. However, you’ve now noticed that this dependable system is stuck in an inefficient setting and it’s getting in the way of your comfort. Is your heat pump auxiliary heat always on? The team at Gold Star Services explains how to diagnose and resolve this common HVAC issue.

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What Is Auxiliary Heat?

While heat pumps are designed to both cool and warm your home as needed, your unit will struggle when temps drop extremely low in the winter. As a result, heat pumps are equipped with backup electric resistance heating (or auxiliary heat) that supplements the device’s heating process to ensure the air is warmed quickly enough to maintain comfortable indoor temps.

Why Is My Heat Pump Auxiliary Heat Always On?

Typically, your heat pump will tag in auxiliary heat when outdoor temps drop below 35°F, your heat pump is set to the defrost setting, or you’re attempting to heat your home by 3°F or more at a time. However, if backup electric resistance heating is still switched on even when outdoor temperatures are above 35°F and your home has been heated to the desired temperature, you may have a problem.

Running your auxiliary heat for hours at a time will spike your running costs. This panel is incredibly inefficient and consumes large amounts of energy. The proof? Check your energy bill at the end of the month. But how do you fix this issue?

Check your thermostat to see if your unit is in defrost mode. If it is, turn off this setting and check if this disables the aux heat. Still on? Try lowering the temperature on the thermostat by a few degrees. Aux heat still kicking in? It’s time to call a professional.

While a heat pump is a dependable HVAC system, it may not be equipped to handle weather extremes on a long-term basis. Hence, many homeowners choose to bolster their climate control solution with the addition of a combustion furnace. Working in tandem with your heat pump, a furnace is a powerful heating system that will kick in when temps dip low to efficiently warm your rooms. This hybrid system will reduce your energy bill, relieve strain off your heat pump, and heat your rooms consistently.

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