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November 6, 2019

Heat Pump in Cold Weather: Is It Efficient?

heat pump in cold weather

A heat pump is a hybrid solution that provides cooling in summer and heating in winter. However, can this versatile HVAC system cope with winter’s weather extremes? In this article, the pros at Gold Star Services look at the performance of a typical heat pump in cold weather to determine whether this unit is suitable for colder climes.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Simply put, a heat pump transfers heat from one spot to another. For example, when it’s hot, your system – using an indoor and an outdoor unit – will strip heat from your rooms, expelling the warm air outside. However, when it gets cold, this process can be reversed to heat your home instead.

Is a Heat Pump Efficient in Winter?

Yes and no. While your heat pump will have no issues keeping your warm on milder days, when temperatures start to dip, the added strain on your system can spike your running costs. This is because your heat pump usually has to activate an electronic heating panel built into the unit to help warm the cold air in your rooms. In some cases, this may not even be enough, leading to non-existent or inconsistent heating.

Heat Pump in Cold Weather?

A dual fuel HVAC system utilizes a heat pump to cool your home in summer and warms your home on mild, cool days. For added efficiency, it activates a gas furnace when temperatures drop too low. This system uses your pre-existing ductwork to distribute cold or warm air throughout your home. While the system is more expensive than just a heat pump, this heating equipment will have you covered under all conditions without creating high heating bills.

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