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December 3, 2019

Heat Pump: Outside Unit Not Running

heat pump outside unit not running

Your heat pump uses both an indoor and outdoor unit to heat or cool your home. When this outdoor unit stops running, your HVAC system will grind to a halt. Is your heat pump outside unit not running?  At Gold Star Services, our pros will use the latest tools to diagnose and resolve your heating and cooling issues in record time.

Besides heat pump repair, we also offer heater maintenance, replacement, and installation. If you want to upgrade your current HVAC system, our team will assess your home and provide honest recommendations on the best equipment for your space, budget, and needs. Call us today at 1-302-947-8694 to schedule a visit.

Let’s look at reasons why your heat pump outside unit is not running:

  1. Frozen Coils

A light covering of frost won’t hamper your outdoor unit’s performance. But sometimes that thin layer turns into a deep freeze (or your heat pump is covered in snow), and air is blocked from entering the heat pump. When this happens, your system may stop running.

If your system has frozen over, it’s important to act quickly. Leave it running and its internal machinery may be damaged beyond repair. Do not try to chip away at the ice, as you may cause damage to the outdoor unit’s coils. Instead, pour warm water gently over the coils to melt the ice.

  1. Power Surge

A power surge can cause damage to your home’s appliances and devices, and your heat pump’s external unit isn’t immune to the impact of a short. If your home experiences a surge and your heat pump stops working, first check your circuit breaker to ensure all switches are flipped back on. If your heating equipment still isn’t running, it may have blown a fuse.

At Gold Star Services, our pros will visit your home, assess your heat pump, and replace any damaged components. Our goal is to restore your comfort as quickly as possible – more than 92% of our calls are completed on the same visit.

  1. Faulty Thermostat

Think of your thermostat as the brains of your heating and cooling system. It monitors indoor temps and sends signals to control your unit and make sure you’re comfortable throughout the day. However, like any piece of technology, your thermostat can break, causing your heat pump to malfunction.

Using the latest diagnostic tools, the pros at Gold Star Services will troubleshoot your thermostat issues and provide suggestions on the best next step. If your thermostat needs to be replaced, we can help you select the best device based on your space, budget, and heating and cooling needs.

Heat Pump Outside Unit Not Running? Contact Us Today for Prompt Repairs

Is your heat pump outside unit not running? Turn to the comfort specialists at Gold Star Services for fast, effective solutions. Contact us today at 1-302-947-8694 to find out more.

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