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March 5, 2019

Heat Pump Tripping Breaker: Possible Causes

heat pump tripping breaker

Just as you settle in for the night, the power goes out. It’s not the first time this has happened, and unless you have your HVAC system checked by a skilled technician, it might not be the last. Is your heat pump tripping breaker? In this article, we’ll explore just some of the reasons why this system could be malfunctioning.

At Gold Star Services, we specialize in HVAC system installation, repair, and maintenance. Our team can use the latest technology to diagnose your heating or cooling system and identify the best solutions for your needs. To speak to one of our pros, contact us at 1-302-947-8694.

Why is My Heat Pump Tripping the Breaker?

Let’s delve into some of the most common reasons why your heat pump might be tripping the breaker:

  1. Clogged Air Filter

Over time, your heat pump’s air filter will collect dust and debris. If you don’t replace the filter regularly, this could lead to blockages that restrict the airflow, forcing your heat pump to work overtime to warm or cool your home. This can result in a surge of electricity usage, triggering a circuit breaker trip. At Gold Star Services, we can prevent this issue by creating a comprehensive Maintenance Plan to optimize the performance and lifespan of your heat pump.

  1. Motor Issues

Heat pumps rely on small motors to power the blower that passes air over the refrigerator coil and distributes air throughout the home. Sometimes rust, loose screws, or other mechanical problems can cause these motors to draw more power than required. This may result in an overload that could be tripping your breaker.

  1. Damaged Outside Unit

Heat pumps are composed of two components, an internal unit and an external unit. The external unit is exposed to the elements and can become damaged or dirty. Any issues inhibiting the steady flow of air can result in your system working overtime to heat or cool your home, which may cause your breaker to trip.

Heat Pump Tripping Breaker? Call the Pros at Gold Star Services for an HVAC Inspection

Heating your home shouldn’t be a headache, but a malfunctioning heat pump can cause chaos in your cozy space. At Gold Star Services, we can resolve HVAC issues in record time. More than 92% of our calls are completed on the same visit. Call 1-302-947-8694 today to find out more.

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