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October 16, 2015

Keep Your HVAC System Healthy This Fall!

Keep Your HVAC System Healthy This Fall!

Although many of us may not want to accept it, summer is gone and fall is officially here! Of course, fall comes with many great changes, like the beautiful foliage, cozy sweaters and the reintroduction of all things pumpkin. However, with an HVAC system in your home there’s one change that can cause problems if you’re not careful: the cooler temperatures. You may start to see problems with your HVAC system around this time if you’re not taking proper care of it, so make sure to have Gold Star’s contact info on hand in case you need help.

The Guide to Better Heating and Cooling

To avoid a problem, there are a few tips your trusty Wilmington HVAC Company can give you, so your HVAC system stays healthy and happy, and in turn you do, too!

  • Heat Pump: The last thing you want to do when the temperatures drop is have to replace your heat pump. Take precautions now and clear off any debris around your HVAC system and change the air filter. Calling your go-to Wilmington HVAC company for an inspection is the best way to prep for weather change.
  • Lower Your AC: Don’t make your system work hard if it doesn’t have to! If your air conditioning is on full blast, give it a break. You probably don’t need to turn the heat on yet, but with cooler weather, you should still be comfortable without the air on so high.
  • Update Your Insulation: Adding to or updating the insulation in your walls, floors and attic can make a huge difference in how much heat your home retains. Plus, it’ll save you money on your next energy bill, and who would say no to that?
  • Prep Your Furnace: You want to make sure your furnace is ready as soon as you need it. Change your air filters and clean the vents now, so when the cold comes you won’t have any unexpected nights shivering under the sheets!

A Wilmington HVAC Business That’s There for You

If you run into problems while prepping your heating and cooling system, call us at 1-302-947-8694. We’re a Wilmington HVAC Business that has emergency services and a strong reputation for doing courteous business.

Gold Star offers many services, like heating, air conditioning and plumbing. So call us today to learn more about the services you need! We promise to give you the Gold Star treatment!

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