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March 22, 2021

Water Heater Experts Near Me: Delaware Trusts Gold Star Services

water heater experts near me

If you’ve opened your browser and searched a phrase like “water heater experts near me,” you can’t go wrong with Gold Star Services! Gold Star’s qualified technicians proudly serve Delaware homeowners in all their HVAC needs. In today’s post, we look at signs to watch out for when it comes to water heater repairs or replacement.

Water Heater Warning Signs

While some water issues make it clear it’s time to call in a professional, others may be more subtle. Keep an eye out for the following:

  1. Not Enough Hot Water

If you notice your hot water doesn’t last very long, several issues may be at work, including:

  • A unit that chronically doesn’t produce enough hot water might be inadequately sized for the space.
  • Sediment build-up in the tank can prevent water from being heated properly.
  • The temperature dial could be set too low.
  • Problems with component parts, such as a temperature-pressure relief valve or heating element will affect the amount of hot water produced.
  1. Low Water Pressure/Flow

This issue can indicate a build-up of scale or sediment in your water tank or inside of your pipes/plumbing. Water tanks can be drained, flushed and descaled to rid them of sediment build-up, while pipes should be inspected for build-up, leaks and drainage issues.

  1. Inconsistent Water Temperature

Sudden changes in water temperature can be inconvenient, and in areas like the shower, this issue can range from mildly annoying to painful. It’s important to check the thermostat to ensure water temperature is set at an appropriate level, especially to avoid scalding hot water. Common causes for inconsistent water temperatures include a faulty thermostat or heating element.

  1. A Leaking Water Heater

Some condensation on your unit can be normal, as the unit’s temperature-pressure relief valve may release extra pressure from the unit, but if you notice excessive water dripping from your unit or pooling underneath it, it’s time to take action. Safety is paramount, so be sure to turn off gas or disconnect electricity from your unit. Loose valves can cause leaking, so it’s a good place to start troubleshooting. If inspecting and tightening loose parts on the unit doesn’t reveal the issue, the water tank itself could be leaking, in which case it will likely need to be replaced.

  1. Odors and Discolored Water

Bad odors or rust colored water could indicate issues like bacteria or rust inside of your water tank. A professional can inspect your water heater and recommend a course of action.

Gold Star Services Can Help!

An annual system tune-up can prevent issues like sediment build-up, loose/worn-out parts or more complex problems like inappropriate system size or type for the space. Gold Star Services has a team of highly skilled HVAC technicians ready to help! Our services include heating, cooling and water heater repair, replacement and maintenance. Call 1-302-947-8694 to connect with Gold Star Services today!

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