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May 22, 2019

Air Conditioning Not Working in One Room

air conditioner not working in one room

You switch on your air conditioning system only to discover that one of your rooms isn’t being cooled. It’s a common issue encountered by countless homeowners every summer, rendering some spaces in the home unusable for the season. But why is your air conditioning not working in one room? The knowledgeable technicians at Gold Star Services are here to answer your questions and provide expert advice.

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Let’s explore a few potential reasons why your air conditioning isn’t working in one room:

Blocked Vents

Central cooling systems make use of ductwork installed throughout the home to distribute cool air evenly across all your rooms. Each room is fed through a gated vent that filters the air to prevent dust and debris from entering and damaging your ductwork. However, if these vents aren’t cleaned regularly or if something is blocking the duct, airflow can be inhibited.

Air Leaks

Whether it was during installation or due to wear and tear, your ductwork can become damaged. Any holes or tears in the system will cause air to leak outside before it can reach your rooms. If one room is receiving less cool air than the others, this may be a sign that the ducts leading to this space are damaged.

Open Windows/Poor Insulation

Even the tiniest crack can jeopardize your room’s indoor temperature. Why? Warm air from the outdoors will rush inside, heating a room quicker than your AC can cool the air. In the same vein, rooms that are not insulated adequately can feel warmer than others.

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