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January 6, 2018

What Is the Best Heat Temperature in a Home?

what is the best heat temperature in a home

Most homeowners would jump at the chance to reduce their monthly power bills—especially if they don’t have to sacrifice their comfort to do so. Your HVAC system most likely accounts for a significant part of your utility costs. One of the easiest ways to reduce this expense is to program your thermostat to the optimal settings. But what is the best heat temperature in a home?

Many HVAC experts suggest setting your thermostat to 68 degrees fahrenheit in the winter. According to, you could save up to 15 percent on your energy bill by turning your thermostat down by 10-15 degrees for 8 hours each day.

The technicians at Gold Star Services can evaluate your daily routine and your HVAC system to give you personalized recommendations to help reduce your power bill. Our heating system maintenance plan and repair services can cut your expenses further by ensuring your HVAC system is always running efficiently. Call 1-302-947-8694 today to schedule a visit.

Other Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

Many homeowners take a “set it and forget it” approach to programing their thermostat. But modern heating systems can be adjusted to your daily routine to minimize costs without sacrificing comfort.

For example, many people prefer to sleep in a slightly cooler environment. If this applies to you and your family, you may be able to reduce your power bill by programming your thermostat to lower the temperature at night. Also, if there’s nobody in your house for a significant part of the day, you can set your thermostat lower during those hours. If you’re going on vacation or a business trip and nobody will be home, you can program your thermostat to turn off and on at the appropriate times.

One of the most effective and often overlooked ways to reduce your heating bill and related expenses is to invest in a heating system maintenance plan. The plans offered at Gold Star Services include regular expert tune-ups and service for both heating and cooling systems. Besides reducing your electricity cost, our maintenance plan may keep your HVAC repair bills in check by preventing damage and identifying small issues before they become major problems.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is the best heat temperature in a home?” it’s time to reprogram your thermostat to reduce its workload. If you have questions about heating system installation, maintenance, or repairs, call Gold Star Services today at 1-302-947-8694.

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