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February 6, 2018

Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Worth It?

Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Worth It

Everybody likes to save money, but it’s not always obvious if investing in an HVAC maintenance plan would cut your expenses in the long run. If you’re wondering, “Are HVAC maintenance plans worth it?” the answer really depends on what’s included. A good maintenance plan could save you hundreds in annual power bills while also reducing your overall HVAC repair costs.

At Gold Star Services, we offer comprehensive HVAC maintenance plans designed for all types of homes. If you’d like to discuss our maintenance plans with a member of our team, call 1-302-947-8694.

How Will an HVAC Maintenance Plan Reduce My Electricity Bills and Repair Costs?

At Gold Star Services, our HVAC maintenance plans include bi-annual checkups and expert tune-ups. These tune-ups will improve energy efficiency, since the HVAC technician will change dirty filters and fix other problems that would impact efficiency. This will ultimately reduce your electricity bills.

Your technician will also be able to spot small issues before they become major (and more expensive) repairs. Some problems can permanently damage your system if left unaddressed, but those are far less likely to happen with bi-annual checkups.

What Else Is Included in Gold Star Services’ HVAC Maintenance Plans?

No matter how responsible you are as a homeowner, life is unpredictable. There are countless reasons why your HVAC system could break down through no fault of your own. With our HVAC maintenance plans, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your system will run efficiently and consume the lowest possible amount of electricity.

At Gold Star Services, we offer both Heating System Maintenance Plans and Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans. Our technicians thoroughly inspect all the parts of your system and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Your system will be less likely to break down suddenly, and with our priority service, we can often get your system up and running in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. More than 92% of our service calls are completed on the same visit!

If you’re still wondering, “Are HVAC maintenance plans worth it?” give us a call to find out exactly how much you could save by investing in one of our maintenance plans. Call 1-302-947-8694 to speak with a Gold Star HVAC technician.

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