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March 4, 2016

How Does My Heating System Work?


You’ve spent enough time showing a maintenance technician where your HVAC system is. Now you want to know how it all works. After all, without the magic of our HVAC system, our winters and summers would be a lot less comfortable!

Gold Star Services is an HVAC business in New Castle County, and we have proudly built our business one customer at a time by providing prompt and professional service. We always want to keep our customers in the loop, so in this blog, we’ll give you a rundown on how your heater works – something every homeowner should know!

How Does Your Heater Work?

If you’ve ever spent a cold night with a broken furnace, you’re bound to be curious about how the heat in your home works. So this New Castle County HVAC company is going to break it down for you:

Gas Furnaces

  1. A gas furnace makes heat by burning fuel (oil, propane or gas).
  2. As the fuel is burning, it’s making hot gasses that travel through a metal tube called a heat exchanger.
  3. When hot air passes over the heat exchanger, it’s absorbed through the metal surface and then can be distributed throughout your house through your air ducts.
  4. The leftover gasses that were created by the burning fuel are pushed outside through a vent pipe.

Electric Furnace

  1. An electric furnace uses a fan called an air handler to push air across a heat exchanger (here it’s also called a resistor).
  2. The resistor is a coil of wire. An electric current passes through the resistor, and the resistor converts that electrical energy into heat.
  3. Just like the gas furnace, the heat is then circulated through your home via your air ducts.

Heat Pump

  1. A heat pump doesn’t create heat; it is powered by electricity and uses natural heat from indoors or outdoors and circulates it throughout your house.
  2. To do this your heat pump will have both an indoor and outdoor unit.
  3. Even in the winter, heat energy is present, and your heat pump uses that to heat your home.

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No matter what kind of heating system you have, proper maintenance is key for it to function properly all year round. If your HVAC system is due for a checkup, contact the New Castle County heating experts at Gold Star. Call us at 1-302-947-8694 to make sure you’re giving your heating system the Gold Star treatment!

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