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December 18, 2015

When It’s Time To Replace Your HVAC System


When you move into a house that’s got a fairly new HVAC system, you probably tell yourself something like this, “Thank goodness I won’t have to worry about this thing for a good ten years!” Yes, that’s the beauty of an HVAC system – it has a lifespan of about ten to twenty years. However, eventually those years will pass and if you’re still in the same house, you WILL have to replace it!

As much as it seem easier to avoid ever dealing with that big complicated machine, an old HVAC system will start to cause a lot of problems in your home that will be worse than just replacing it. This Wilmington HVAC company will give you a helpful guide to know when it’s time to give your old system the boot and buy a new one!

7 Replacement Signs From Your Trusty Wilmington HVAC Business

If you’re not sure when is the right time to replace your HVAC system, take a look at this handy list from Wilmington resident’s favorite heating and cooling company. Here are 9 signs it might be time to say goodbye to your old system:

  1. Too Much Noise: A noisy system could mean there’s a problem internally, like with the duct system, and that needs to be fixed!
  2. Excessive Dust: A leaky air duct could pull dust from your attic or crawl spaces and blow it throughout your home.
  3. Higher Energy Bill: An old machine is going to have to work harder to keep you comfortable, meaning you’ll have to pay for its extra work!
  4. Humidity Problems: An old system just won’t be able to do the job right and could cause air to be too dry in the winter or humid in the summer.
  5. Too Hot And Too Cold: When certain rooms seem to be at extreme temperatures, your HVAC system probably isn’t be working well anymore.
  6. Frequent Maintenance: If you have to keep calling your Wilmington heating and cooling company for maintenance, it’s probably time to part ways with your system and buy a new one.
  7. More Than 10 Years Old: Ten to twenty years is the lifespan of an HVAC system, so if yours is at that point, schedule a check-up to see how it’s functioning.

Call This Wilmington HVAC Company To Get A Replacement!

Why bother paying high energy bills on a system that isn’t even doing the job right? Instead, get your money’s worth by having your favorite Wilmington HVAC business replace your system. At Gold Star, we provide lots of services like heating, cooling and plumbing too. So give us a call at 1-302-947-8694 for all your heating and cooling needs!

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