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July 29, 2020

When to Turn On AC in House

when to turn on ac in house

Summer is heating up, but maybe your house isn’t too hot. Many people resist turning on their AC for the season because they want to try and save money on their electricity bills. Running the AC all day definitely eats energy – but at some point, you have to balance energy efficiency with comfort. Running the AC also provides other important benefits for the home. In this week’s blog, Gold Star Services will talk about when to turn on AC in house: how to decide when it’s finally time to turn it on!

When to Turn on AC in House

If you prefer lower temperatures, you might be tempted to turn on the AC early in the season. A good rule of thumb is that you can turn on the AC when the temperature outside is 65 degrees or higher. Running the AC at lower temperatures can actually damage the system and reduce the life of the equipment.

If temperatures are creeping into the high 70s and the air is getting more humid, it’s definitely time to close your windows for the season and turn on the AC. That doesn’t mean you have to have it on all the time. On a dry, pleasant summer day, you can feel free to open the windows instead. Read on to find out why humidity matters.

Do I Have to Use My AC At All?

Many people prefer the hot weather and might not even mind letting their homes heat up in the summer. Those people might wonder whether it’s even necessary to use their AC system, since they might feel perfectly comfortable just running fans and opening windows.

The fact is, running the AC doesn’t just lower the temperature – it also lowers the humidity inside the home. Not only does humidity play a big part in how comfortable the air feels, it also has a big impact on the physical home itself. Long periods of hot, moist air can easily lead to mold and mildew problems, which can be difficult and costly to eradicate. Mildew can damage wood, paint, and fabric. Spores can also invade air ducts and be transported throughout the house, which can affect respiratory health.

If you live in a hot, humid climate during the summer, it is important to use the AC and not let your home become humid. You can keep it set to a high temperature – 78 is actually ideal for energy efficiency.

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