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January 2, 2019

How Do Window Air Conditioners Work?

how do window air conditioners work

Window cooling units shelve the need to drop thousands of dollars on ductwork, so they may be a good cooling solution for some people. But how do window air conditioners work? We’ll provide the answer in this blog.

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For now, read on to find out how window air conditioners work:

How Do Window Air Conditioner Work? Everything You Need to Know

Window air conditioners are a popular cooling solution designed to cool an indoor space without requiring ductwork. These systems leverage the power of a blower and fans to expel warm air outside and push cool air into the room.

To do this, the unit pumps refrigerant through a network of tubing. When warm air passes over this tubing, the refrigerant absorbs the heat and is transformed into a fast-flowing vapor. The vapor then travels to a compressor, where it is pressurized and transported to the condenser coil. The heat is removed and ejected outside. Now cool again, the refrigerant returns to the tubing to remove more warmth from the indoor air.

Window air conditioners may be inexpensive and convenient compared to other cooling systems, but they do have some cons. They block windows, can be tricky to install, and can be less efficient. Our Maintenance Plans ensure that heating and cooling equipment of all types is operating at peak efficiency, helping you cut down on running costs and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

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