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January 2, 2019

How to Turn on Different Types of Air Conditioners

how to turn on air conditioner

Tech advances have equipped HVAC systems with new features that elevate convenience and boost efficiency. But this high-tech equipment can sometimes complicate a startup process that was once as simple as flicking a switch or turning a dial. If you’re wondering how to turn on air conditioner, this blog will provide the answer.

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  1. Split Systems

A split system uses an evaporator coil inside the house to strip heat and moisture from indoor air and transport the warm air outside to a condenser coil, where it is released. This system can be connected to your heating equipment’s ductwork.

A split system is controlled using a wall thermostat or sometimes even an app on your smartphone. From the thermostat or app, you can control and monitor your home’s temperature, switch on the device, or schedule times when the unit should raise or lower the temperature. Consult your system’s manual or ask your Gold Star Services HVAC technician for help installing and using the app on your smartphone.

  1. Heat Pumps

Similar to a split system, heat pumps expel warm air from your home. During the winter months, heat pumps can work in reverse to collect warm air from the outdoors to heat your indoor spaces.

Similar to a split system, a heat pump is also controlled using a wall thermostat or smartphone app.

  1. Ductless Systems

This compact air conditioner doesn’t require ductwork to cool your indoor space. However, a single unit is generally not powerful enough to lower temperatures across your entire home. In many cases, you will need to install multiple units to reach a comfortable indoor temperature in every room.

These air conditioners are usually controlled individually using a display, dials, or buttons on the unit itself. Some more advanced models can be connected to a thermostat.

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